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Dabur Shankha Pushpi

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    Shankha Pushpi
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  • Active Ingredients
    Shankha Pushpi, Brahmi
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Dabur Shankha Pushpi Reviews

Sharpen Your Brain.........

4 /5

dabur shankha pushpi is very nice and effective it is actually very effective and good.... it has ayurvedic medicinal values it has no side effects it has many good ingridients like brahmi, shunkha pushpi, honey, black pepper etc which help to improve memory power...... it is effective if taken...

Doesnt Do What It Says

3 /5

Dabur shankha pushpi is a fake product doesn't really do what is says .. I used this product in winters and I hated it as the use of it rather than making things better worsened the taste is very very bad . This very product caused marks on my hand it was not very suitable for my skin and I am from...

Good Results

4 /5

dabur shankha pushpi is an amazing product it helps in gaining weight many people in India suffer from the problem of under weight and they do not have a definate solution this is a magical product for them it is very good in taste and a reliable product on which one can trust it also have some...

Somthing At Last To Cure My...

4 /5

this product by dabur has certainly come as a blessing to me and my friends. although i could've used it a lil while earlier but well better late than never. the good thing about this product is not only it has a catchy name but it works on so many levels, namely 1) it is cost-effective 2) better...

Dabur Shankha Pushpi Review

4 /5

i started using this supplement on recomendation of a friend who herseld had used it and had benefitted from itsn't just a one-of-a-kind product. it provides all of its customers with comprehensive coaching servicesit works to help individuals enhance their minds and work toward life has...

Effective, But Takes Time..

4 /5

Dabur Shankha Pushpi is very effective in improving memory and brain retaining capacity. It is an Ayurvedic preparation and taking its daily has greatly increased mine and my little brother's memory. It has indeed strengthened my remembering capacity. It is particularly good for people either going...

Dabur Shankha Pushpi price in India is 145.0 INR. Dabur Shankha Pushpi can be bought from 1 online stores in India. is selling Dabur Shankha Pushpi at lowest price of Rs.145.0 The prices of Dabur Shankha Pushpi has been updated on 27 February, 2015 from all online stores. Dabur Shankha Pushpi price is valid in all major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Noida, Gurgaon and many more. Delivery charges may vary citi-wise, please check instructions and delivery charges & delivery time for Dabur Shankha Pushpi with the online seller.

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Dabur Shankh Pushpi 450Ml
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Dabur Shankha Pushpi Features

Brand Dabur
Supplement Type Shankha Pushpi
Gender Unisex
Active Ingredients Shankha Pushpi, Brahmi
Additional Benefits Combination of Brahmi and Shankha Pushpi for the mental development of school-going children

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Dabur Shankha Pushpi: Brain Supplements
Dabur Shankha Pushpi
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